Christopher DeCrescito Memorial Foundation

Established in memory of Christopher DeCrescito, who was killed by a drunk driver on February 27th, 2013. Our goal is to raise awareness about drunk driving, help others who have lost a family member or loved one, and help prevent further tragedies caused by drunk driving.



Before you Drink

Have a plan. Take a cab, have a designated driver, walk, take a bus or a train. Drunk driving is a crime. Is it really worth it to risk killing or disabling yourself or someone else? Plan to be smart and be safe.

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August 17, 2019

Christopher DeCrescito Memorial 5K

9am • Hofstra University • USA Building


What We Do


Monetary Gifts

To families of victims of drunk or drugged drivers. These gifts can help make mortgage or rent payments, pay phone or electric bills, buy groceries, etc. Even for the approximately 50% of people who have life insurance, most of those are under-insured. It takes time to receive insurance proceeds, and to figure out how to make any necessary financial adjustments. A cash gift from CDMF can truly help in a terrible time of need.


Provide Personal, Emotional Support

I am living the same daily nightmare that other victims families are living. It can really help to talk to someone else who is in the same situation. I, and other people who are also in the same terrible position, are always available to talk. You can call, text or email anytime you need someone there who understands this unique type of terrible loss.


Provide References to Qualified Professionals

Such as attorneys, financial planners, grief counselors, and so forth, each of whom are willing to help with survivor's immediate needs on a free or reduced rate basis


Conduct Fundraising Events

Where victims' families can attend for free, and can interact anonymously with people who are there to support the cause. We have found that knowing that people care can be a great support. 100% of Every dollar raised goes to families of drunk driving victims.


Provide Education

About the facts and risks of driving while under the influence, to help spread awareness about the dangers of that behavior.


Develop Programs

That educate children & teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving and the consequences involved.

Facts about Drunk Driving


1 in 3

About one in three traffic deaths in the United States involves a drunk driver.


7x deadlier

A driver with a legal blood alcohol level of .02% to .07% is still seven times more likely to die in a car crash than a sober driver.


$51 billion

Alcohol-related car crashes in the United States cost about $51 billion a year.

How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Your Ability to Drive?

Alcoholic beverages are a depressant. That means that they actually slow down your central nervous system.

Once you begin to consume alcohol, the brain is very quickly affected. As it affects the part of the brain called the cerebrum, thinking, judgment and decision-making are significantly affected.

Alcohol consumption has a distinctly negative effect on vision. That effect is especially pronounced in nighttime. Vision becomes increasingly seriously affected. Vision gets blurred. Depth perception is lost or distorted. Peripheral vision diminishes.

As a person consumes more alcohol, the part of the brain known as the cerebellum is increasingly affected. The cerebellum controls muscle function. Physical reactions become slowed. That slowness makes every driver much less able to react and respond appropriately. Balance is affected. Hand-eye coordination is affected.


Under Age Drinking

#THINK About Your Actions

In most states, adults are prohibited from driving with a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher. But in all states, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive after having any alcohol whatsoever.

Every weekend, at least one teenager every hour is killed in a car crash. 49% of those crashes involve alcohol consumption

Statistics and research shows that one out of every 10 high school students drink and drive.

High school students drink and drive approximately 2.4 million times every month.

Drivers that are under the age of 21 are 17 times more likely to experience a fatal car crash when having a blood alcohol level of .08%, then when driving with no alcohol in their system.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find families in need?

We obtain names of families impacted by drunk or drugged drivers through referral by their friends, news stories, police reports, and other means.

Do recipients have to repay the money given to them?

No, all financial gifts are given with no strings attached, and are not repaid.

How do you decide how much money to give a family?

The amount given depends upon how much is available to us from our
fundraising efforts, and the particular situation of the recipient family.

What type of charity is CDMF?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible.

Are financial gifts given only to the families of victims who are killed by a drunk or drugged driver?

No. We also strive to assist those who are seriously injured by a driver who was under the influence.

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